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Many people want to connect their remotes with the game Minecraft. If you are also among one of them, then you might have searched about it a lot. No worries now. We have bought you a website that allows you to play with other players having different devices. The website is most commonly known as . It is very easy to do the same, and you need a Microsoft account to get started with it. In case, you don’t own an existing Microsoft account, you may create it within a few minutes.

How Do You Enter Codes on Aka Remoteconnect?

To play Minecraft on your computer you need to sign in with a Microsoft account. To do this you need to go to the Minecraft game home screen and click on ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account’. Then you will see an 8-digit code on your screen. You can then go to that will ask you to enter that code. Once you enter the code you will be able to sign in to your Microsoft account.

How to Link your account via

Following are the steps to link your account-

  • You must start by visiting the Minecraft game’s home screen.
  • Click Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • The screen will provide you with an 8-digit number.
  • To enter the code, go to the web page.
  • When you’ve entered your code in box then click next.
  • Connect to the Microsoft accounts, you can start playing Minecraft with PlayStation4.

Quick steps to Setup Remoteconnect for Nintendo Switch?

Follow the mentioned below steps to setup remoteconnect-

  • Open Switch eShop on Nintendo Switch.
  • Search for Minecraft using the search bar .
  • Install the game (or purchase it if haven’t yet).
  • After the game has been downloaded, launch the game.
  • Click on sign in with the Microsoft account available at the bottom left of the screen at Nintendo Switch.
  • Enter the code then click Next.
  • Remote connect will then log in to your account that is available on Nintendo Switch.